Class 12 Maths


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Class 12 Maths

Class 12 Maths introduces a wide range of important mathematical concepts which forms the main fundamentals for higher-level studies, including engineering, research, etc. Students studying in class 12 need to have a complete understanding of the math concepts to be able to not only score well in the class 12 exam but also excel in higher education courses. At BYJU’S, students can get complete information about the board exam and get additional Math study materials to be able to prepare more effectively.

Class 12 Maths Materials

All these materials are extremely useful for the students to prepare for their Maths exams in a more effective way. Topics like relations and functions, matrices and determinants, probability, etc. are included in class 12, which will give deeper insights about each topic. There are even some new topics like integrals, inverse trigonometric functions, applications of derivatives, application of integrals, etc. which introduces the students with some of the most important mathematical concepts.

Class 12 Maths Chapters Notes

To help the students of class 12, each chapter is provided in a more effective way, and the chapter-wise topics are mentioned below with their detailed explanations. These topic notes can help to quickly learn these topics efficiently.

Note: Check the class 12 maths index page to get complete topic-wise explanations for each of the topics included in the syllabus.

Class 12 Maths Important Preparation Tips

Class 12 exams are public level exams, and numerous students appear for them every year. Unlike a few subjects, maths is an extensive numerical subject and tests the knowledge and problem-solving abilities of the students. Here are a few tips which can help the students to prepare for maths exam more effectively and score well in the class 12 exam.

Be Equipped With Proper Materials

It is of foremost importance to get proper study materials which cover the entire syllabus and explain the topics in an easy to understand way. It is also important that the books or reference materials have enough practice questions which help in developing problem-solving skills. For a CBSE student, NCERT books are extremely helpful along with RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma books for additional practice.

Practice and Stick to the Syllabus

For Maths, practice is a must. It is suggested to stick to the syllabus topics during the preparation as all the questions in the exams will be included in the syllabus. Students are also required to practice different variations of questions to be able to tackle any question in the exam easily.

Solve Question and Sample Papers

Solving previous year Maths question papers and sample papers are helpful to not only get acquainted with the different question patterns but also to get an idea about the exam pattern. Check out the below-given links to get sample and question papers of class 12 Maths exam.

To get more tips and strategies along with important topics for class 12 mathematics exams, refer to – Important Topics and Tips to score better marks in class 12 Maths Exam.

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