Loss Percentage Formula


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Loss Percentage Formula

In Maths, Loss percentage formula is the formula to calculate the percentage loss happened in any business. We also state it as percentage loss. Loss is defined as the difference between the cost price and the selling price. And the percentage loss is the per cent of loss in terms of actual cost price. In businesses, profit and loss are the common terms which are used. Profit is basically the amount gained by businessmen in a business. Before, getting ahead to know the formula for percentage loss, let us know first the formula of Loss.

Loss = Cost Price – Selling Price


Loss = C.P. – S.P.                               (C.P.>S.P.)

Where C.P. is the actual price of the product or commodity and S.P. is the sale price at which the product has been sold to the customer.

Formula for Loss Percentage

If the cost price is more than the selling price of a product in a business, it is called a loss, whereas if the cost price is less than the selling price then profit is gained.

Since, Loss =  C.P. – S.P.                 (CP > SP)

The formula for loss percentage is given by;

Loss percentage = (Loss × 100) / C.P


Sometimes they give a loss percentage to find the cost price and selling price. From C.P and S.P, we can calculate profit and loss.

  • Loss = cost price- selling price
  • Selling Price is denoted by S.P and cost Price is denoted by C.P

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Q.1: Find the loss and loss percentage provided that the cost price is Rs. 50 and the selling price is Rs. 45.


Given: Cost Price, C.P = Rs. 50

Selling Price, S. P = Rs. 45.

We know that the formula to find loss is

Loss = cost price- selling price

Loss = 50 – 45 = 5

Therefore, the loss is Rs. 5.

The formula to find loss percentage is

Loss percentage = (Loss × 100) / C.P

Loss % = (5 × 100) / 50

Loss % = 500 / 50

Loss % = 10

Therefore, the loss percentage is 10%.

Q.2: If a house was bought by a man for Rupees 50 Lakhs and he sold it in 45 Lakhs. what is a gain percentage from this business?

Solution: Cost Price = Rs. 5000000

Selling Price = Rs. 4500000

Since the cost price is more than the selling price, therefore, the person has gained a loss here.

Loss = Rs. 5000000 – Rs.4500000 = Rs. 500000

Hence, the man had a loss of five lakh rupees here. Now to calculate its percentage, we have the formula:

Loss percentage = (Loss x 100) / CP

Loss % = (500000 x 100)/5000000 = 10%

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