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Algebraic Expressions Worksheets

The Algebraic Expressions Worksheets are designed with a vision to improve the mathematical skills of the students who are weak in algebra. These worksheets cover all the basic concepts of algebra and algebraic expressions for the CBSE students.

Every year, the CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education conducts the final term, summative assessment 1 and 2 for all the CBSE schools. The worksheets are compiled to help the students to achieve good marks in the exam.

The questions are all based on the CBSE Syllabus and Guidelines as well as the NCERT.  The students need to keep up with the basic concepts before referring to these worksheets to gain excellence that will help them to score more marks in the CBSE examination.

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The Algebraic expressions worksheets are served as study notes for the various classes of CBSE Board. By these, worksheets, students can practice the questions to obtain a good final score in the examination.

  • The algebraic expressions worksheets cover various topics of the algebra like simplifying and evaluating expressions and variables; solving the equations, inequalities; finding the absolute values; systems of equations; matrices, etc.
  • Students learn how to solve linear inequalities along with compound and multi-step inequalities.
  • The worksheets assist the students in evaluating algebraic expressions along with knowing how to find the dimensions of shapes of geometric expressions.
  • They also consist of algebraic questions which help the students to solve the absolute value of fractions and integers, which involves addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division.
  • These worksheets are very helpful to know how to solve (add, subtract, divide, multiply) binomial as well as polynomial expressions.
  • Students can also practice how to determine the order of matrices and their inverses. Also, students can learn how to add, divide, subtract, multiply matrices along with finding the solutions of determinants and equations.

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For more details on algebraic expressions worksheets, algebraic identities and solutions, you can refer the below algebraic expressions worksheet to excel in your examination.

Worksheet on Algebraic Expression

Solve the algebraic expression problems given below:

Simplify the following linear expressions:

  1. 3(m-5)+m
  2. 4(3k+2+6k)
  3. 16x+2+5-2x
  4. 4(a-5)+3a
Simplify the following polynomial expression:

  1. 10+2y2 – (4y-4y2+2)
  2. 5m5-4m2+2m5 + 6m2
  3. 4x2+3x+5x2+2
  4. 3d2+5d2+2d(d+3)
Simplify the following expressions with positive exponents:

  1. (4y2)(2y5)
  2. 4x5/2x2
  3. 6p6/12p3
  4. [(4t2)(2t5)]/5t3
Simplify the expressions with negative exponents:

  1. (9u-5)(6u-2)
  2. 7p-5/14p-3
  3. [(5t-7)(2t-6)]/5t-5
Convert the given phrases into an algebraic expression:

  1. M raised to the fifth power: _____
  2. Combine the square of r and 12: _____
  3. One-third of the cube of p: _____
  4. “A” decreased by the total of “B” and “C”: _____
  5. Z added to the square of X: _____
Convert the given verbal phrase into the linear inequalities:

  1. Y is not more than 12: _____
  2. The value of “a” is less than13: _____
  3. The value of x is almost 9: _____
  4. 7 is greater than or equal to x: ______
  5. The value of y is less than or equal to 18: ______
Expand the given expression using the algebraic identities:

  1. (4p+q)2
  2. [a-(1/a)]2
  3. (u+v+w)2
  4. (5+m-n)2
Find the value of the variable using the algebraic identities:

  1. Determine the value of a-b, if a+b=5 and ab=4.
  2. Find the value of a-(1/a), if a+(1/a)=2.
Which of the following are the factors of 12ab?

(a)2a3 (b)6ab  (c) 4a3b  (d)12  (e) ab

Write down the factors of 9xy.
Complete the function table for the given algebraic expression:

a (a+5)(a+2)

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