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Ratio and Proportion PDF

Ratio and Proportion are mathematical entities that help in comparison of numbers. In other words a ratio can be defined as a relationship between two numbers that helps in defining the quantity of the first number with the second number. You can learn more about it by downloading the Ratio and Proportion PDF below.

What are Ratio and Proportion?

If we consider two numbers as a and b, then the ratio of a to b is written as a: b = a / b. Here a is antecedent and b is the consequent. This is what as known as a ratio. In solving any kind of problems it is important to learn ratio and proportion formulas, as this helps in solving any kind of mathematical problems one may encounter.

Proportions, on the other hand, can simply be defined when two ratios are equal to each other. These ratios can be of definable quantities such as shapes and sizes or similar numbers such as fractions. Proportions can be used to calculate metrics such as length, weight, sizes and percentages as well. You can read more about this in the ratio and proportion PDF below.

Download Ratio and Proportion PDF

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