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Decimal Worksheets

Decimal is called a denary number system. Decimal is defined as a way of managing numbers that consists of ten as a base or an initial point. The word decimal is most commonly used in calculations instead of the period that is used to differentiate the positions of the numbers. The number ‘1’ is most commonly and easiest to work with calculations that everyone differs these days. A decimal or decimal number just represents any number written in a decimal notation.

Decimal Notation in number system is a methodology way of using Math formulas of writing numbers in a base ten that uses several digits for more than 10 distinct values from zero to ten that represents any range of numbers.

They are initially used as a decimal separator indicating the start of a fractional part with a symbol plus or minus, or that is placed in front of the numerals that signifies signs. Any rational numbers can be dissipated as a decimal expansion that ends with recurring decimals.

Math Worksheets for Decimal Class 6 are of real help to master various decimals including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This decimal worksheet for class 7 helps in understanding the concepts clear cut. Right from computing, converting, simplifying and ordering all these concepts will be just like taking candy from a kid once the students are done with practicing with these worksheets. These worksheets are very customization.

Here you will find the unlimited decimals worksheet right from the conversion of a fraction to decimals, decimal division, rounding decimals and decimal multiplication. The worksheets come with key answer sheets, and these sheets are generated randomly.

One can solve the missing number problems, decimal for long division, multiplication of decimals and a whole number either by a single or one to two digits or even by one to three digits. Worksheets also comprise of dividing decimals with the power of ten, rounding decimals, mixed multiplication and division problems, conversion of fractions to decimals up to two to five digits and lots more that one can learn with ease.

Decimals Worksheet for Class 6

  1. Write each of the following as decimal:a) Twenty three and fifteen thousandthsb) Forty seven and six tenths
  2. Write the decimal in words: 9.004
  3. Write the following as decimals:a) 3/2b) ⅖

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Decimals Worksheet for Class 7

  1. Which is greater of : 48.23 and 36.35
  2. Express 1359/1000 as decimal.
  3. Add 16.44, 8.524 and 26

Get Class 7 Decimals Worksheet PDF to solve more questions on decimals:-Download PDF Here