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Class 10 Maths

Class 10 Maths forms the fundamental basis for every higher level of math concepts and topics. In Class 10 Maths curriculum, students are introduced to a wide variety of important concepts that would hold extreme importance in the later grades. Apart from developing a deeper understanding of maths fundamentals, class 10 mathematics is also important for board exam as it is a compulsory subject in most boards.

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Class 10 Maths Chapter-wise Notes

These notes are extremely helpful for the students of class 10 to learn the in-depth concepts from each chapter in a very easy but detailed way. It should be noted that class 10 topics in maths are not only important for class 10 exams but are also used in various other higher level maths topics. So, it is important for students to get thoroughly acquainted with the concepts and develop a deeper interest in the chapters.

Now, let us discuss the concepts covered in class 10 Maths in brief

Class 10 Maths Chapter 1 Real Numbers

In chapter 1 class 10 Maths real numbers cover some of the important topics like properties of positive integers, fundamental theorem of arithmetics, Euclid division algorithm, rational numbers and it’s decimal expansion, divisibility property of integers, and to compute the HCF of two positive integers.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 2 Polynomials

In chapter 2 class 10 Maths polynomials involve the concepts like finding the degree of a polynomial, zeros of the polynomial, the relation between zeros and the coefficient of a polynomial, and the concept of division algorithm of a polynomial.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 3 Pair of Linear Equation in Two Variables

The pair of linear equations in two variables class 10 Maths involve different methods to solve the pair of linear equations using the algebraic and the geometric method. This chapter deals with solving the linear equation using different methods such as elimination method, substitution method, cross multiplication method, an algebraic method with many solved examples.

Chapter 10 Maths Chapter 4 Quadratic Equations

In chapter 4 quadratic equations, it covers the concept of writing the standard form of quadratic equations, factorization method and completing the square method to solve the quadratic equation. Also, this chapter deals with the relationship between the discriminant and the nature of the roots.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 5 Arithmetic Progressions

This chapter covers the problems like finding the first term, nth term of an arithmetic progression, finding whether the given series is in AP or not, the difference of AP, sum of n terms and so on.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 Triangles

This chapter starts with describing the similar and congruent triangles, and the theorems related to the similarity of two triangles, and the introduction about the Pythagoras theorem and its converse.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry

In chapter 7 coordinate geometry, the students will get to learn the concept of finding the distance between two coordinate points, and finding the coordinate point that divides the line segment for the given ratio, section formula.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 8 Introduction to Trigonometry

In class 10 Maths chapter 8 introduction to trigonometry covers the brief introduction to trigonometry, trigonometric ratios of the angles and some specific angles, and the identities involving these trigonometric ratios. 

Class 10 Maths Chapter 9 Some Applications of Trigonometry

This chapter introduces concepts like the line of sight, angle of elevation, angle of depression. The various applications of trigonometry in different fields like navigation, construction, geography, calculating the length and height of different objects.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 Circles

This chapter deals with new terms related to the shape circle, such as segment, chord, the concept of a tangent to a circle, and the number of tangents from a point to a circle.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 11 Constructions

Chapter 11 constructions will explain the procedure to divide the line segment and the construction of tangent to a circle. 

Class 10 Maths Chapter 12 Areas Related to Circles

Areas related to circles class 10 Maths chapter 12 explain the concept of perimeter and area of a circle and the concept that explains the sector and segment of a circle. Also, this chapter deals with finding the area of the combination of some figures involving circle.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volume

This chapter involves finding the surface area and the volume of the combination of different solid shapes like a cone, cylinder, sphere, hemisphere and so on. Class 10 Maths chapter 13 also explains how a solid is converted from one shape to the other. At the end of the chapter, the curved surface area, total surface area and the volume of the frustum of a cone are explained in detail.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 14 Statistics

Statistic chapter 14 will help the students to understand the numerical representation of the grouped and the ungrouped data. The concept of finding the mean, median and mode for the given set of data are explained in detail. The chapter ends with the concept of cumulative frequency distribution and its graphical representation.

Class 10 Maths Chapter 15 Probability

Class 10 Maths chapter 15 probability starts with the theoretical approach, and the difference between the experimental and the theoretical probability is explained in detail with many solved examples.

Class 10 Maths Materials

It is important for a class 10 students to utilize these resources to get completely acquainted with maths subject and prepare for the exams in a more effective way. Here, students are also provided with chapter-wise notes for class 10 maths syllabus topics which will give a comprehensive explanation of important concepts from each topic. Also, check the class 10 maths index page to learn about each of the subtopics in a detailed way.

Top Preparation Tips & Strategies for Class 10 Maths Exam

To excel in the maths exam, students need to be dedicated and practice a lot of problems from each topic. Some of the most important preparation tips for class 10 math exam are given here which will not only help the class 10 students to prepare more effectively but also to score well in the exam.

Be Equipped With Proper Study Materials

Before starting with the preparation, it is important for the students to be equipped with all the necessary maths study materials including textbooks, reference books, etc. It is suggested to follow NCERT maths book for CBSE class 10 maths exam along with a few reference books like RD Sharma or RS Aggarwal.

Strategize a Preparation Plan

It is extremely important to know the class 10 maths syllabus and blueprint to understand the exam better and strategize a preparation plan accordingly. It is recommended to stick to only the syllabus topics as in most board exams, no questions are asked from topics which are outside the syllabus.

Practice Rigorously

For a numeric extensive subject like mathematics, practice is a must. Students need to practice different variations of questions from each chapter to develop problem-solving skills and be able to attempt any question in the exam easily.

Students can also check out additional preparation tips for class 10 mathematics exam here and get a step ahead than the others in preparation. It should be noted that class 10 mathematics is not only important for the board exam but is also important in every aspect as the concepts are extremely practical and important.

Frequently Asked Questions on Class 10 Maths

How many chapters are there in Class 10 Maths?

NCERT class 10 Maths has 15 chapters, which covers the following concepts:
Chapter 1: Real Numbers
Chapter 2: Polynomials
Chapter 3: Pair of linear equations in two variables
Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations
Chapter 5: Arithmetic Progression
Chapter 6: Triangles
Chapter 7: Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 8: Introduction to trigonometry
Chapter 9: Some applications of trigonometry
Chapter 10: Circles
Chapter 11: Construction
Chapter 12: Area related to Circles
Chapter 13: Surface Area and volumes
Chapter 14: Statistics
Chapter 15: Probability

Which is the best study material to score good marks in class 10 maths final exam?

The best material to score good marks in class 10 Maths is NCERT textbook. Because most of the problems are asked from the NCERT textbook. Apart from NCERT textbook, students should practice the problems from reference books like RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, etc.

Explain the marking scheme for class 10 Maths?

Out of 100 marks, 80 marks are allocated to the theory paper and 20 marks are allocated for the internal assessment. The theory consists of 40 questions, out of which section A (1 mark) consists of 20 questions, section B (2 marks) consists of 6 questions, section C (3 marks) consist of 8 questions, and section D (4 marks) consists of 6 questions.

What are the different types of objective questions asked in Section A of class 10 Maths?

In class 10 Maths, the objective type questions are asked in different forms like:
Multiple choice questions
Fill in the blanks
Very short type answers

How to score good marks in class 10 Maths?

To score good marks in class 10 Maths, students should practice the problems from the NCERT textbook regularly. They should be completely acquainted with the syllabus and the marks allocated for each chapter.

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