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In order to make students competitive in the 21st century global economy, it is important to educate them the field of science, technology,  engineering and mathematics (STEM). Mathematics is said to be the language of nature and called as the queen of science. It is said that 3 out of 5 people hate or are poor at mathematics because they find it boring and difficult to understand. To make math concepts fun and easy to understand BYJU’S came up with a helping app – math help app.

Why is math so important? Well, a world without maths would be a world without computers, tablets, mobile phones, space flights, DVDs, MRI scanners and the list goes on. And with the developing technology online learning has become very popular these days. eLearning or web based learning is an education system where the learners educate themselves through courses available online. Website and mobile applications offer various subject courses. At BYJU’S you can opt-in for various subject courses like maths online course.

We provide the best math teachers who conduct sessions. The teachers make use of creative 3D graphics, animated videos/images to keep the math session interesting. The topics are explained along with their applications in daily life so the students can relate and remember lifelong. Math solution for various syllabus like ICSE, CBSE, JEE, NEET etc is available. Installing Math help app will help you with the thorough understanding of mathematics concept as it conducts chapter wise practice test and quiz. Participating in these will make you master the concepts by improving in the topics that you are weak. Hence your love for maths and confidence increases.

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