Maths Formulas For Class 7


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Maths Formulas For Class 7

Mathematics is so important in our life. Because we use the mathematical equation in our daily life activities. Every student should have a clear understanding of the Maths formulas and their applications.

Refer the class 7 maths formulas to solve complex problems. Some topics involved in class 7 Mathematics are as follows:

  • Number System
  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Mensuration
  • Algebra
  • Ratio and Proportion

Class 7 Maths Formulas

Proportion Formula Rules:
Addition: \(\frac{a}{b}+\frac{c}{d}=\frac{ad+bc}{bd}\)
Subtraction: \(\frac{a}{b}-\frac{c}{d}=\frac{ad-bc}{bd}\)
Multiplication:\(\frac{a}{b}=\frac{c}{d}\), then ad = bc
Division : \(\frac{\frac{a}{b}}{\frac{c}{d}}=\frac{ad}{bc}\)
Set properties:
Commutative property: \(A\cup B=B\cup A \\ A\cap B=B\cap A\)
Associative property:\((A\cup B)\cup C=A\cup (B\cup C)\\ (A\cap B)\cap C=A\cap (B\cap C)\)
Algebraic Expression Expansion:
Consumer Math Formulas:
Simple Interest, \(S.I=\frac{PTR}{100}\),

Where P=Principal, T= Time in years,R=Rate of interest per annum

\( Rate,R=\frac{100 \times S.I}{P \times T}\)
\(Principal,P=\frac{100 \times S.I}{R \times T}\)
\(Time,T=\frac{100 \times S.I}{R \times P}\)
Discount = MP-SP
Principal = Amount – Simple Interest
If Rate of Discount is given, \(Discount=\frac{Past\; Rate\; of\; Discount}{100}\)
Time and Speed:
\(Speed=\frac{Distance\; travelled}{Time\; taken}\)
\(Number\; of\; Revolution=\frac{Distance\; travelled}{Circumference\; of\; the\; wheel}\)
Area Formulas for 2D and 3D Figures:
Area of Circle = π rSq units, where r is the radius

Area of Rectangle = l x b Sq.units, where l = length and b is breadth

Total Surface Area for Cube = 6a2 sq.units

Total surface Area of cuboid = 2(lb+bh+hl) Sq.units

Perimeter Formulas
Square = 4s units, where s is side of square

Rectangle= 2(l+b) units, where l is length and b is breadth

Volume Formulas:
Volume of Cube = a3 cu.units

Volume of Sphere=4/3 π r3 cu.units, where r is the radius of the sphere.

Volume of Cylinder= π r2h cu.units, where r is the radius of the base, h is the height of the cylinder.

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