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Maths WorkSheets

Scoring good marks in Maths exam needs a lot of practice. So, here we are with Maths worksheets on all the important maths topics for CBSE Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. With the help of these worksheets, students can practice well and improve their preparation level for final exams. All these worksheets are available in PDF format, which student can download and learn offline as well. All the questions are prepared as per the NCERT curriculum, chapter-wise.

Explore all the important topics that every student need to know, including integers, algebra, decimals, geometry, arithmetic, trigonometry, time, measurement and much more. Students can match the solutions with the answer keys and get appropriate feedback to analyse mistakes and correct them.

Class-wise worksheets are given below for the important concepts. Practising these worksheets will be helpful for the students of classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 to get a thorough understanding of concepts.

Browse our maths worksheets to test your maths skills and ace the exams.
Class 12 Worksheets
Vector Algebra Worksheet
Matrices Worksheet
Determinants Worksheet
Continuity or Differentiability Worksheet
Differential Equations Worksheet

Class 6 Maths Worksheets

In the above, class 6 worksheets contain worksheets on different topics such as fractions, decimals, integers, symmetry and data handling etc. These worksheets have maths sums for class 6, which will help the students get enough questions to practice the concepts.
Students can also get ICSE class 6 maths worksheets at BYJU’S.

Class 7 Maths Worksheets

As mentioned above, class 7 worksheets contain important concepts such as integers, rational numbers basics, and algebraic expressions. These are essential for the students of class 7 to score good marks in the examination.

Class 8 Maths Worksheets

Rational numbers, linear equations and quadrilaterals are the important worksheets for class 8 students. Students can access these worksheets and practice questions.

Class 9 Maths Worksheets

Get the worksheets for class 9 maths for a few essential concepts such as triangles, lines and angles, probability, etc. Referring to these worksheets will help you in scoring good marks in the CBSE class 9 maths exam.

Class 10 Maths Worksheets

As we know, the class 10 students must practice worksheets on essential concepts such as quadratic equations, probability, triangles, etc.

Along with these worksheets, class 11 and class 12 worksheets are also available here to excel in every concept.