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Geometry In Daily Life

Geometry is an ancient science and an important branch of mathematics. The ancient mathematician Euclid is credited as the Father of Geometry; who used the word formally in his book “Elements”. It is derived from the old Greek word Geometron meaning to measure the earth (geo: earth and metron: measurement). For an elementary or middle school student, it is all about different basic shapes, including their naming, properties and formulas related to their areas and volumes. But modern geometry has diverged much more from these basic concepts. But none of these has changed their existence and applications in daily life, and it still reflects in our everyday experience.

Applications of Geometry in Everyday Life

Geometry is the most influential branch of mathematics. A keen observation will give you many examples. It was moulded up in ancient era; hence its impact on life is also wide.  It’s a potential problem solver, especially in practical life. Its applications began long back during Egyptian civilization. They used geometry in different fields such as in art, measurement and architecture. Glorious temples, palaces, dams and bridges are the results of these. In addition to construction and measurements, it has influenced many more fields of engineering, biochemical modelling, designing, computer graphics, and typography.

Daily, we do a lot of tasks with the help of geometry. Some of the common applications include measurement of a line and surface area of land, wrapping gifts, filling of a box or tiffin without overflow, shapes used for different signboards. A person with good practical knowledge of geometry can help himself to measure the dimensions of a land without a chance of conflict. Other advanced applications include robotics, fashion designing, computer graphics and modelling. For example, in fashion designing, a fashion designer has to know about different shapes and their symmetry for developing the best design.

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